Bird surveys using Birdavert Computer Assisted Radar (CAR)

The Birdavert CAR system is well suited to performing bird surveys. Since the Birdavert CAR system ignores stationary objects, it can display and record only moving objects in its field of view. The system is also sensitive enough to detect large insects like dragonflies and bumblebees at close range (< 200m), so the system must be able to ignore small moving objects at close range. The Birdavert CAR system does this by determining an object's size and position, and ignores objects smaller than a size set by the user for a given range or position.

The Birdavert CAR system can be used to assist biologists performing bird surveys in the following ways:

  • The system can alert the biologist of approaching birds, allieviating the need to pay constant attention to the sky. This allows the biologist to be productive in other ways, such as writing reports or reading.
  • Continue the survey at night or low light conditions.
  • Allow a single biologist to survey multiple locations simultaneously through remote telemetry and mulitple Birdavert radar systems.
  • Save the radar images of flight paths to hard disk for later analysis. This feature allows surveys to continue even when a biologist can't be present.
  • Accumulate statistics and provide survey summaries.
  • In addition to providing the Birdavert CAR systems, Peregrine Systems, Inc. also offers complete bird surveys.