Prevents Bird Mortalities at Lower Costs

The Birdavert System uses proven technology that eliminates a very high percentage of foreseeable and preventable bird mortalities. Companies desiring to prevent birds from landing on contaminated ponds may spend 3 to 4 times the cost of the Birdavert System to purchase technologies with markedly less effective performance.

Maintenance cost differences are even more dramatic. With netting, annual maintenance costs typically exceed 25% of initial installation costs. Annual Birdavert System maintenance costs less than 1.2% of installation costs.

In addition, maintaining conventional netting systems used to defend toxic ponds exposes employees to substantial risk. Birds often become tangled in the netting and must be extricated by hand. The much lower maintenance requirements of the Birdavert system greatly reduce such exposure.

The Birdavert System functions reliably in wind and snow conditions that are problematic with netting technologies. These weather conditions often occur during periods of high bird activity.

For ponds larger than 2 acres in size, the Birdavert System is demonstrably more economical than netting. The larger the area defended, the more dramatic the difference in both installation and maintenance costs.