Automated Hazing

The promise of a relatively inexpensive system based on the age old idea of scarecrows is very appealing. The use of scarecrows, mylar strips, plastic owls, kites, speakers broadcasting music (typically Rock and Roll at ungodly decibel levels), propane cannons, wailers and various other devices strung along the shore line of the pond has been tried repeatedly.


Unfortunately, birds "habituate" or become accustomed to (and ignore) these devices very quickly, usually within a day or two. One way of trying to deal with this habituation is to activate the hazing devices, using either set timers or random activation cycles. Unfortunately birds quickly realize that these activations are not caused by any of their actions and quickly learn to ignore these hazing devices.


While this method is quite inexpensive, it is not an effective deterrent, particularly for ponds larger than 1/2 of an acre.